Avagamanam is a Sanskrit word meaning
knowledge or discernment.

The word knowledge naturally raises the question, ‘knowledge of what’? According to Muṇḍakopaniṣad (1-4) one must gain two kinds of knowledge, higher and lower. Lower knowledge includes not only all branches of secular knowledge, but also the Vedic rituals and meditations that comprise the major portion of the Vedas and that are still practiced by followers of Hinduism. Higher knowledge is that by which “ . . .  the Imperishable is understood.” This teaching of the Imperishable, the true nature of oneself, is enshrined in all Upaniṣads and in the Bhagavadgītā. This teaching is also called Vedānta, meaning the end portion of the Vedas, or Brahmavidyā,  knowledge of Brahman.

This website is dedicated to an understanding of both types of knowledge, that is, the higher knowledge taught in the Upaniṣads as well as the knowledge of spiritual practices such as Vedic rituals, sacraments, yoga, pilgrimages, worship at home, and meditation.

I plan to write occasional blogs centered on these two types of knowledge. The source material will be questions and requests I receive from family members and friends. Though I respond individually to such requests, I believe that these questions also occur to others who may not know where to go for answers. This site is the result.

Om! Peace, Peace, Peace.

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